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Men's 10mm Lava and Tiger's Eye Beaded Stretch Bracelet with 5ml "Elevate" Essential Oil - Gift Set

  • $ 3900

Description: Men's 10mm Lava and Tiger's Eye Beaded Stretch Bracelet with "Elevate" Essential Oil Gift Set

Wearable Aromatherapy: Lift your mind with this beautifully blended essential oil by applying a few drops to the natural, porous lava stones on this bracelet. The scent will last a day or two. Perfect meaningful gift or as a special gift to yourself.

Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Properties: Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection that is also very stabilizing and grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power.

Bracelet Length: Adjustable/Stretch *approximately 7 3/4 inches

Type of Stones: 10mm Lava, 10mm Tiger's Eye

Metal Type: Silver Plated Accents

Designed By: Peak of Perfection Designs (POPD-LTE MENS ELEVATE)

"Elevate" Essential Oil (5ml): This blend includes cinnamon, fennel, lemon, ylang ylang and bergamot is designed to lift a "blue" state of mind. Blended especially for Peak of Perfection Designs by Dr. Jennifer Noonan, a CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN AND CERTIFIED AROMATHERAPIST based out of Denver, NC. Only the highest quality organic, pure, ethically harvested products are used in her blends. 

Essential Oil Instructions:   When used safely, essential oils have shown to have a direct and profound effect on the deepest levels of the physical body, the emotional body, and a person’s psyche. Store out of direct sunlight. Avoid eye contact. Not for internal use. May cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. Always test a small spot prior to application.

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