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3Realms "Faith" Symbol Soy-Blend Candle (Scented), 8.5 ounces

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From 3Realms:  Wild berries and citrus traces give this scent a sprightly quality, while Thai apple and Asian Rhubard provide a crisp finish. However, it is the deeply earthy undertones combined with the sweet and smoky aromas of juniper and sage, which produce a calming effect. This candle is designed to create a contemplative mood and enhance awareness. 

Ancient symbol of "Faith" adapted from Celtic cross.  "Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof." -- Kahlil Gibran.  Click thumbnail for story and quote, which appears on packaging.

Our symbols are screen-printed directly onto the glass with epoxy ink. This organic material has a dishwashing performance of approx. 100 cycles, should you wish to turn your candle into a tumbler after burning. All candles are 8.5 oz soy blend with a 55 hour burn time.

Brought to you by Peak of Perfection Designs.

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