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3Realms "Energy" Symbol Soy-Blend Candle (Scented), 8.5 ounces

  • $ 3600

From 3Realms: The refreshing aroma of fall leaves lifts through the exhilarating scent of basil and mint to take your spirit straight to the garden. A touch of petitgrain reduces stress, while at the same time an infusion of spearmint provides an invigorating energy. This candle is designed lift to your spirits while focusing the mind and body.

Ancient symbol of "Energy" is adapted from Native American sun symbol.  "Energy and persistence conquer all things." -- Benjamin Franklin.  Click thumbnail for story and quote, which appears on packaging.

Our symbols are screen-printed directly onto the glass with epoxy ink. This organic material has a dishwashing performance of approx. 100 cycles, should you wish to turn your candle into a tumbler after burning. All candles are 8.5 oz soy blend with a 55 hour burn time.

Brought to you by Peak of Perfection Designs.

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